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Saucony PowerGrid Triumph 9 are the enhance, improved and upgraded version of the PowerGrid Triumph 8. these shoes have the ability to keeps your feet in amazing comfort for hours and they also deliver long lasting wearing. These shoes are lighter in comparison to its previous version and they deliver amazing performance. The upper of these shoes has been made from the open mesh to promote maximum breathability to ensure that your feet remain cool and dry. The upper has the overlays made from the synthetic material which adds more structural strength to the upper to make it more durable. The upper features Sauc Fit construction which makes the whole upper fit perfectly to your feet and it also makes the mid-foot lock down securely on the midsole to ensure excellent and secure fit. This enhances the performance and makes the whole shoe move perfectly with your feet. The collar has been cushioned to add superior support and unbeatable comfort. The tongue has also been cushioned and it keeps the lace pressure off your feet and also offers comforting fit. The heel cup has been designed to mold as per the shape of your foot to offer personalized fit. The interior of these shoes has the Comfortride insole which has the antimicrobial treatment. This insole also contours as per the shape of your feet to deliver you customized fit. The insole also ensures that your feet remain in stunning comfort all the time and it prevents any odor or bacteria to ensure healthy and fresh interior environment. The insole also has the ability to offers breathability to maintain dry and fresh interior. These shoes have the HRC+ Strobel Board which features EVA cushioning of 1.5 millimeters to maximize the comfort level. The Strobel Board absorbs shocks upon impact and it deliver smooth and comforting ride. These shoes features PowerFoam and PowerGrid Technologies which also adds magnificent comfort and shocks absorption. These technologies attenuates the shocks and makes the insole more responsive upon each impact. To makes the heel area more comfortable these shoes have the Impact Interface which attenuates the shocks and reduce the stress on your feet so you can run long distances without any discomfort. The Super Rebound Cushioning or SRC Impact Zone also disperses the shocks and it has been designed to make your each stride more comfortable and controlled. The heel to toe differential of these shoes is 8 millimeters. The outsole of these shoes has the IBR which is the new compound and it has been made from the blown rubber. This compound is lightweight and highly shock absorbing to dissipates the shocks with your each step and reduce any fatigue or stress. The outsole has been made from the XT 900 carbon rubber which is also very lightweight material. This material is highly durable to ensure that the outsole lasts longer. The outsole has the excellent configuration which deliver slip free and sturdy stride on multiple terrains for best performance and secure running. These shoes weigh 10 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: Pink/ Purple/ White, Silver/ Blue/ White, Pink/ Black/ White, Green/ Black/ Silver and Citron/ Grey/ Silver.


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GravitaZ from Pittsburgh, PA

The Beast continue to be the only shoe that I can wear without pain while running. I'm a marathon runner with completely flat feet, and these shoes have been a Godsend. I don't think I'd be running anything over 4 miles without them. The only reason I took a star off is that the 2012 model doesn't seem to be quite as perfect as the 2011 model. I'm not sure what changed, but I just seem to have a slight bit more pain with this model. IT is still leaps and bounds better than anything else I've used. But a word to Brooks, there's a reason the saying goes "If it isn't broke..."

906 Chief from SoCal

Sore shins due to over pronation always derail me at some point during my fitness routine. I also have flat, wide feet. I have had ZERO problems with my shins, ankles or feet since I bought these shoes. Running far and easy at almost 300 lbs for the first time in 24 years. Brooks is not a brand I have considered for years. They are expensive, but I am understanding the price difference between these and my previous brand from the goddess of victory. Advantage: Brooks

FDWhitey from Ft Lauderdale, FL

I am a firefighter and have to wear steel toe boots at work. When I get off duty, my old high quality shoes with inserts weren't doing the job anymore. I was diagnosed with a heel spur about 3 months ago and been having increasingly worsening heel/foot pain. It was to the point I could not walk when getting out of bed and having to ice my foot nightly. I read a lot of reviews on the BEAST and decided to go to my local running shoe specialist. I only intended to try them on and research online for the best price. I tried them on and walked out with them on my feet. AMAZING!!! What a difference! I was using inserts for heel spurs before and have not used them since going to the BEAST. I still have discomfort but no shooting pain as I did before. If you have heel spurs and trying to decide on what to do BUY THE BEAST NOW!!!


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