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Sam from Irving tx

Beast is the best shoes I found ever I had a flatfeet and this shoes worked good now I had surgery done and was using regular shoes but my feet started hurting again because I am on feet for 8/9 hour but when I where beast no pain the only bad part that the company does not make this shoes in all black that most of the people need for work I will truly request that please make this shoes in all black best------- shoes ever found thanks

Lead From the Front from San Jose, CA

I have owned several generations of this model. It is by far the best shoe to support my larger size (195 lbs) and pronation. I suffer from flatter arches from military service and with most of the running shoes out there arch support becomes a major issue, but not with the Beast. Great fit and comfort. Durable enough to handle anything I can throw at them from Half Marathons, Gym routines, Trail running, Mountain biking, Light hiking, etc. They are heavier than a lot of models out there, but the added weight is from the extra support and extra cushioning; my knees and ankles are very thankful.

Drummerdude64 from Anderson SC

I'm 46 years old and decided to get back into running after many years of not running at all besides warm ups at the gym on an elliptical. My first running shoes were GTS10's. Great shoes and very comfortable, light, and moderately good support. However after a couple of weeks, I started developing shin splints. Mostly due to the fact that I was running to hard, too soon. Ignoring advice from experienced runners. So I decided to look into another shoe. After reviewing the Beast 11 and all the good reviews I decided to give them a try. All I can say is WOW! This shoe is great. Very comfortable with loads of support. I don't know if I over pronate or under pronate, but I can tell you my feet stay in line with my stride now and I'm not feeling that painful impact radiating into my shins anymore. Not to say they cured my shin splints but they sure are helping. Now I'm "running happy". :) Thanks Brooks for making a great shoe!

Joe Runner from Arkansas

Stress reactions put me out of running for a while. Once I healed up, I tried these out. Have not had any problems since. This shoe is very well built. They look the same today as the day I bought them -- about a year ago. I use mine on treadmills and on trails behind the house. Best pair of running shoes I've owned.


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